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  • Publicado : 10 de febrero de 2011
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Universidad de la Sabana
Paula Bernal

"Television destroyed communication among family and friends"

Television has beenone of the most important inventions in the World of electronics. It was made thinking in the people necessity to enjoy their free time in a better way, also it was designed with the purpose tocommunicate and let the people to be informed about what is happening in other parts of the World . But anyone never thought about the problem the television has be coming during the last decade, it hasbecome in the number one destructor of communication among families and friends relationships because it generates in peoples mind the necessity to use it and be aware of the programations during all thetime.
Being conscious of the necessity the television has created in peoples mind , families has started to eat separately instead of eating all join together around a table and talk about they daythey have just finished or about important subjects such as family plans , problems etc.
Regarding to the friends relationships the television has made the same impact of being the cause number oneof creating distance between friends because the people prefer to watch TV instead meeting with friends and spending a really cool time with them playing, talking or doing any other activity such aspracticing any sport etc.
By the other side TV has been crucial during the history of humanity, it has been present in very important situations and has been the number one communication channel toinformed people all around the world from important news such as wars, natural disasters, sports events, economic and political events and a lot of important situations that happens all the time allaround the earth.
To conclude I could say that the television has been the number one cause of the destruction of communication between family members and friendships because it creates a need such as...
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