Temperatura en paraguay

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  • Publicado : 6 de junio de 2011
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Climate Change
Name: 羅瑪麗 (A0995258) Date: April 2011
In this assignment I will talk about the climate and temperature records in my hometown, Paraguay. I hope that this can help the personswho read it to get to know a little bit more about Paraguay.
Located on the Tropic of Capricorn, Paraguay enjoys a climate between warm and hot most of the year, with an average temperature of 25degrees Celsius. This country is divided by the Paraguay River in two regions, The Easter and The Western or “Chaco” that form two major natural ecosystems. The climate at the Eastern Region is more humidand rainy and the West has an arid and dry climate.
Summers are long, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees in their peak days, the winters are mild and brief, though in the months of July andAugust, some cold days can register to 0 degrees Celsius.
Now I will mention one of the many things that I admire about my country, Its Fauna, because of the wheatear the Paraguayan fauna is one of themost diverse in the whole world, there are approximately 100,000 species of invertebrates, 645 species of birds, 230 species of fish, 167 species of mammals, 100 reptiles and 46 amphibians. Of these,12 species of mammals, 26 birds and 5 species of reptiles are threatened and endangered species, which is mainly due to the reduction of habitat by deforestation and agricultural frontier expansion.So far there are few organizations dedicated to the protection of biodiversity in Paraguay, so it is necessary to enlist the help of international organizations to preserve, that’s why I am doing mymayor in Civil and Environmental Engineering, so after graduating and having learned many useful thing I would be able to go back home and apply the knowledge that I acquire during my time in Taiwan tohelp climate issues and like that help the fauna and many other things.
Researching for this assignment I found out that is “The National Department of Meteorology and Hydrology” the entity in...
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