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The Professional Guide

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This booklet is produced in close cooperation with the Infrared Training Centre (ITC).SPECIFICATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE © Copyright 2009, FLIR Systems AB. All other brand and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

Over the decades infrared cameras have revolutionized maintenance in many industries, proving to be the most superior technology for finding electrical and mechanical hidden faults – even before they occur. The clearbenefit has been substantial cost savings, increased worker safety and enhanced product/ process quality. Infrared cameras can also play a major role in helping to decrease environmental damage. They are successfully used for detecting insufficient insulation in buildings, identified as one of the highest opportunity areas for decreasing the greenhouse effect, as well as detecting environmentallydangerous gas leaks. Not only do some of the gases harm the environment but the leaks also cost companies substantial amounts of money. Against this background FLIR has introduced a range of gas detection cameras capable of detecting many gases including SF6 - a gas 24,000 times more environmentally dangerous than CO2.



1. INfRaReD VIsUalIzes Gas leaks
Many chemical compounds andgases are invisible to the naked eye. Yet many companies work intensively with these substances before, during and after their production processes. Strict regulations govern how companies are to trace, document, rectify and report any leaks of volatile gaseous compounds, and how often these procedures are to be carried out. Earlier methods of gas detection required close or near contact using“sniffer” technology and probes. The limitations of these methods are that they are time consuming and run a risk of missing gas leaks. They may expose inspectors to invisible and potentially harmful chemicals, and do not allow for wind and weather factors that can produce inaccurate measurements. In addition, they can only tell us something about the test points that have been identified beforehandand only give readings within the immediate vicinity of the inspector. The FLIR Gas Detection cameras are infrared cameras which are able to visualize gas by utilising the physics of fugitive gas leaks. The camera produces a full picture of the scanned area and leaks appear as smoke on the camera’s viewfinder or LCD, allowing the user to see fugitive gas emissions. The image is viewed in real timeand can be recorded in the camera for easy archiving. The key success factors for businesses today are safety, efficiency and profitability. When carrying out maintenance, it is of vital importance that maintenance engineers are able to obtain as complete a picture as possible of the condition of the plant. An infrared camera is an extremely important tool for tracing potential faults. The examplesbelow demonstrate a wide range of applications that can be served with IR cameras. Potential applications are limited only by the imagination of the system designer.

Greatly Improved Efficiency Experience shows that up to 84 percent of leaks occur in less than 1 percent of the plant. This means that 99 percent of what are expensive, time-consuming inspection tools are being used to scan safe,leak-free components. Using a Gas Detection camera you get a complete picture and can immediately exclude areas that do not need any action. This means you can achieve enormous savings in terms of time and personnel. Another advantage is that systems do not have to be shut down during the inspection, measurements can be carried out remotely and rapidly and – most important of all – problems...
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