Terremoto de chile 2010

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  • Publicado : 13 de diciembre de 2011
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This essay will show some of the reason why I think the government didn’t do a good job during the first week post-tsunami. Many people around the world were shocked by the terrible earthquake thatoccurred in Chile last February. Chilean government made some mistakes which caused the death of many people in the southern part of Chile. It could have avoided if the government had done a betterjob in dealing with the earthquake.
Communication was poor, and ONEMI didn’t warn people about a tsunami right in time before the tsunami that occurred in the southern part of Chile. ONEMI, Chileannavy and Chilean government concluded that there wasn’t going to be a tsunami after the earthquake, which was completely wrong. There wasn’t communication with small towns located in Robinson CrusoeIsland. People that lived there had to sleep in tents because all the houses were destroyed.
The government’s response was too late . People who survived didn’t have water, food, clothing or shelter inthe first week post-tsunami. One of the major consequences was that people from conception started to loot everything from shops and markets, which were needed for people to survive. Many people diedafter the tsunami. It wouldn’t have occurred if the government had been more efficient through sending rescue team faster than they did. A few planes were available to fly to Robinson Crusoe Islandthat was completely destroyed by the earthquake and the tsunami.
The government decided to finish with looting in Concepcion by sending soldiers from the Chilean army to this city to manage thesituation. The government decided to help people who worked in farms, which were completely destroyed by the tsunami. The Chilean army was sent to help people from farms by providing them with food, waterand clothing. Also, they were in charge of building first-aid post for people whose houses were completely destroyed. All these events showed that the Chilean government did a reasonable job during...
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