Terror feliz de azua

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  • Publicado : 3 de noviembre de 2011
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Everything began when an ascetic citizen, exangüe, mineral, called Robespierre, discovered the effect that produced on the human behavior to see fall the people heads who hadn'tmade anything bad. The formula was simple. If one kills enemies (guilty or innocent), it is the war, but if someone assassin innocents, then it also kills the soul of their friends. With French clarityone noticed that there is a weapon no more powerful than the murder of innocents to tyrannize a nation. Nothing has changed from 1793. The American Government (not America, the confusion is alwaysfruit of the cynicism) imposed the terror in Chile following the principles of Robespierre. To assassinate Communists did not intimidate the common people, therefore, it was necessary to assassinate tothose who all would call `innocent victims’. Only that way, the population would know that it was threatened of death in his totality by a theocratic power. Thus Stalin and Hitlers acted, thus actETA, Al Qaeda, the GRAPO or IRA, heirs of a practice invented by the national bourgeoisie of the romantic period. Some people say that Al Qaeda terrorism has nothing in common with ETA’s terrorism. Itwas said by unworthy people, but also by some people with dead souls. I do not understand it. It is certain that their Gods, Alá and the Basque Nation, are diverse, but both groups share a fundamentalcreed.

They think that they can secure benefits assassinating innocent people. And They kill them because they are innocent people. With their foolish information and arguments, they demonstratethat they have the knowledge and concious that they’re killing innocents. And also they demosntrate that they want to continue assassinating innocents in search of benefits. Similar proposal is sochilling that any shade, reservation or reserve with respect to a terrorist group seem to me trivial. Or, fruit of the unconfessed hope of share the benefits that the murder of inocentes." yields;...
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