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To evaluate the Bachelor of Arts in English Language curriculums from different universities around the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador.

To use information from the comparative analysis of other universities in the metropolitan area, to provide the Universidad Pedagógica with curriculum options, and to reinforce philosophical definitions ofcurriculum in the Bachelor of Arts in English Language.

Nowadays, the learning of English Language is important, because the changes related with the social, economy, politics, and education field are occurring day by day. For these reasons students have to be encouraged in order to improve their abilities, and their knowledge. In this way, they will be able to face the challengesaccording to their major, and society´s expectations.
Also, it has been established the essential components to design the curriculum, based on legal context of the Ministerio de Educaciòn , and according to different author´s theories. These components are the learning skills, the logic order of the subjects, topics to develop, and the vocabulary according to each area. And at the same time thespecial parts into the curriculum, such as: learnability, frequency, coverage, and the usefulness.
In addition, this document describes other important parts of the curriculum, and these are: The sociocultural aspect, the students, and the areas of knowledge. Also, there are philosophical definitions of the curriculum to reinforce the curriculum study.
Finally, the curriculum has to beelaborated methodologically and didactically way, in order to offer the best options to the students and try to comprehend the complexity and the importance of the learning of the English Language.

All the information gotten in this research shows many important points into the English learning field. Therefore, when we make a comparison from differentexperts who have given plenty information about their support, in order to improve the learning of English according to society´s needs. There was a result that different universities offered the Bachelor of Arts in English a couple of years ago, so the English Language has been taught and included into the curriculum recently.
Therefore, this document describes a detailed framework, gotten fromthe different universities around the Metropolitan area of San Salvador. Natalia Mercado who is in charge of the Superior Education Department of the Ministerio de Educación (MINED), says that the Universidad de El Salvador offered the Bachelor of Arts in English for the first time, but did not exist a legal document from the MINED, because in that time, they did not create a law to give theofficial permission to offer this career.
Nowadays, the MINED has created the Evaluation Requirements and Updated Syllabuses[1], which according to article 57, part “B” of Superior Education Law of El Salvador, establishes the legal requirements to add and modify the syllabus every five years at least.

In addition, the Ministerio de Educación has supported the English teachers to improve theirabilities for teaching with the “COMPITE” program. However, this Ministry does not support in the pedagogical field to the universities because, these institutions choose the best way to change or modify the syllabuses, according to the Superior Education Law, article 48. In the Universidad de El Salvador the BA. Nicolás Ayala, who is in charge of the English Language department, said thisuniversity offered the B A. in English in 1972. Then the B.A Jesús Orlando Castro (R.I.P.) and the B.A. Sara Méndez Gómez, proposed to the MINED to modify the English Language syllabus, based on the different programs from some universities of the United States of America, in order to support to the English Language students; giving them an opportunity to get a job in the airports, Call Centers,...
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