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  • Publicado : 20 de septiembre de 2010
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Quick self-test based on the adapted 8-stage ‘hierarchy of needs’

A I am successful in life and/or work, and I’m recognised by my peers for being so. I’m satisfied with the responsibility androle that I have in life and/or work, my status and reputation, and my level of self-esteem.

B I am part of, and loved by, my family. I have good relationships with my friends and colleagues - theyaccept me for who I am.

C Above mostly everything else, I actively seek beauty, form and balance in things around me. My interest in beautiful culture and the arts is central to me.

D Myaim is self-knowledge and enlightenment. The most important thing to me is realising my ultimate personal potential. I seek and welcome ‘peak’ experiences.

E I generally feel safe and secure - job,home, etc - and protected from harm. My life generally has routine and structure - long periods of uncontrollable chaos are rare or non-existent.

F The most important thing to me is helpingothers to reach their ultimate potential, whatever that may be, even at my own expense.

G Aside from dieting and personal choice, I never starve through lack of food, nor lack of money to buy food.Aside from the usual trauma of moving house, I have no worry at all about having somewhere to live - I have ‘a roof over my head’.

H Improving my self-awareness is one of my top priorites. Thepursuit of knowledge and meaning of things, other than is necessary for my work, is extremely important to me.

Maslow dice que las necesidades de la 1 a la 4 son motivadores de deficiencia, ygeneralmente son satisfechos en orden, cuando la necesidad anterior ha sido satisfecha del todo o parcialmente.
Si están palomeadas, entonces probablemente estén satisfechas. Si una necesidad deja de sersatisfecha, hay una menor o ninguna motivación para mantener o intentar satisfacer necesidades de mayor nivel.
Las necesidades de la 5 a la 8 son motivadores de crecimiento, si están palomeadas...
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