Test para los que estudian call center para el examen de bachillerato

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Technical Test 2008 – Services Center Executive
12. There are essential tools or devices in any office work environment. Without them many tasks would be impossible to carry out and some others slow and difficult. The first device receives and sends document renderings by transmitting graphic pictures of documents through telephone line. The other machine functions in response to orders, it hasan amount of memory available for programs to run and it is made up of different parts.
The text refers to:
a. Fax /computer b. Computer /copier c. Calculator /telephone d. copier/ duplicating machine

13. A recommendation to avoid accidents when managing office equipment is:
a. Overloading filing cabinets b. use old and rotten furniture
c. Keep furniture with sharp edge andpoints d. distribute weight of material and avoid tipping.

14. Materials can be easily and quickly located when they are needed because they have been previously and systematically arranged. This process is called:
a. Filing b. form filling c. cross reference d. word processing

15. Documents are arranged according to place and then in alphabetical order this filing system is called____________________. In the other filing system which is called ________________ documents are arranged according to the subject or topic.
a. Numerical / thematic b. Geographic / thematic
c. Geographic / numerical d. Alphabetical / geographic.
16. The company I work for has 8 departments; the new manager decided that each department has its ______________________ instead of________________________. This way each department would be more independent.
a. Central filing system / Own filing system b. Own filing system / Central filing system
c. Central filing cabinet / own filing cabinet d. Own filing cabinet / central filing cabinet.
17. 1) Can I ____________________ a message?
2) Yes, please would you __________________________ him, I´m arrive at 3:00 pm
a. Take / tell b.Leave / call c. Take/ repeat d. call back / tell.
18. Gray Equipment Company
735 east 48 th Street New York 10000
January 15, 2008
Dear Sirs.
Please reserve a bedroom suite beginning January 27 for Mr. James Gray. Mr. Gray will arrive the evening of the 27 and plans to leave the morning of January.
Please confirm this reservation by wire.
Sincerely yours,
Grace Higgins.
Secretary toJames gray Vice President.
The letter refers to a / an ______________________________
a. Declination b. Acceptance c. Reservation d. Invitation
19. It refers to the list of matters to be discussed in a meeting.
a. Agenda b. Certification. C. Minutes / record d. Notice of meeting.
20. Complete this conversation with the expression given below.
Secretary: Good morning,________________________________________________________
John Brown: My name is john Brown, I´m with the general Motors Company. I _______________________.
Secretary: Unfortunately, he´s busy at the moment. Would you mind telling me why you need to see him.
John: I wish to discuss a new order with him.
Secretary: I´m sorry I can´t arrange an appointment now. If you will give me your telephone number, I willcall you up to arrange an appointment. I know Mr. Ramirez will be more than glad to see you.
What are the appropriate expressions in business / formal conversation?
a. May I help you? / I´d like to see Mr Ramirez.
b. I´m with the General Motors Company / I´m sorry.
c. Would you mind telling me your phone number? / it you give me your telephone number.
d. I wish to discuss with Mr.Ramirez / I can´t arrange an appropriate now.

21. This article __________________ discusses the different types of friendship is really interesting.
The relative clause that completes the sentence above is
a. Who b. when c. which d. where
22. Read and match the following information.
Column A Column B
1. I can __________ it without you. W. compile
2. Did you...
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