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Last year I met a group of skaters in the street when one of them fell down and I felt so scared because he hurt himself, but hisfriends ran away searching for help, and I had to take care of him, while his friends arrived we remained talking and we becamefriends.

One week latter he was incapacitated because he made a big hurt in the left leg; it looked painful and disgusting, Iwas visiting him everyday because he was very alone and bored, at least to do company to him.

The last time that I talked him,he said me that he felt very sad because his friends never go to visit while he was incapacitated.

When came the hour toreturn to the doctor, it all seemed very bad when the doctor said that he can’t ride a skate again because if he falls down hard againhe can lose his leg.

Of there in future nothing returned to be like after for him, he lived boring and sad, I don’t se heagain with his skater “friends” again, simply he lived in his house’s entrance. One day I invited him to go to my house to listenmusic or maybe to see a movie, but he couldn’t go because his mother wasn’t in home.

Today he lives very sad because he thinksthat he can’t do anything, and I think that he now has problems of low self-esteem, but I will be there to help him whit his problems.
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