Th eday i gave birth

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  • Publicado : 17 de octubre de 2010
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The Day I Gave Birth

I had no idea what to expect the first time I gave birth. This happened to me on April 9, 2006. That morning I was at home and I did not know anythingabout delivering a birth. that moment I was afraid, but at the same time I wanted expected the moment. All my feelings came at the same moment. I did not realize that I was only hours away from givingbirth.

The pains came often and hard, I asked my mother how they feel, but as soon I asked her, she dropped what she was holding in her hands. Sheexclaimed, “ The baby will be born soon “. I still, however believe it and the worst thing was that my husband was not there that day because he was playing soccer. My mother called him for to come andtake me very fast to the hospital.

Thirty a half hour later, he got home and came in smiling, and I was almost crying. By the moment we arrived at the hospital I was panickywhen I saw all doctor and because in that moment I realized that this was the day of my delivery. My husband and my mother were next to me giving me strength and encouragement.When I got to labor room a nurse showed me how I had to push because I was doing it wrong. After an hour the doctor came in, I was having pain and I wanted the baby born now. I needed a rest aftera lot of pushing, but I wanted to look at my baby. The doctor said “ the head is already out, Paola stop and make push one more push”.

Finally with one last push, mybeautiful baby girl came out into the world, and I felt a big relief. My husband cut the umbilical cord and I immediately my baby was placed on me. She had her eyes open looking for mom to eat. After a lotof pain and tiredness I can say that when my baby born in that time, many feelings that I had never felt the love for my baby and the great moment that I kept and I will keep all the rest of my...
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