The adventures of pinocchio

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The Adventures of Pinocchio




Talking Cricket

Fairy Godmother




ACT 1: Geppettos’ house

Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a piece of wood. It was not an expensive piece of wood. Just a common block of firewood. It fell into many hands. First it was used to make a leg of the table, and then was used as a hard pillow for apoor family. All of these things, until an old carpenter called Geppetto found it. Geppetto took it to make a marionette. But he wanted something more: He wanted a child.

Geppetto: (Drawing Pinocchio’s eyes, nose and mouth and finishing it). It’s done! What shall I call him? I get it! I will call him PINOCCHIO. Since today you are Pinocchio! But, I’d like this marionette could to live.Fairy Godmother: (She appears) Hello Geppetto!

Geppetto: My God! You came in flying! Who are you?

Fairy Godmather: I’m a Fairy. I’m here to come true your dream. You don’t have any children, but I know you’re a good man. I’m going to give life to your marionette Pinocchio and you are not alone any more.

Geppetto: Thank you! Thank you very much! How I can pay you?

Fairy Godmather: You paywith your smile. Now, look at Pinocchio. He’s alive!

Pinocchio: (Awaking, opening his eyes). Oh! I don’t believe it! I can talk. I can dance. I’m hungry. But, who am I?

Geppetto: Oh! Fairy, I have a question: Could this gift do existential questions in his head?

Fairy Godmother: No way! I gave him a soul, not a human brain. (Looking her watch). It’s late. I have to go. I have to become toCinderella in a fashion girl at 10: 00 o’clock. See you. If some of you have a doubt, call me. Here you are my cell phone number. Good bye!

Geppetto: See you Fairy. Thanks! Hey, Pinocchio! Say good bye!

Pinocchio: Yes, yes. Good bye!

Geppetto: This is for you. It’s an A-B-C book. It’s time you go at the school.

Pinocchio: But, I don’t want to study. I want to watch T.V or play ‘Thedoctor’ with girls.

Geppetto: I’ve said you go at the school!

Pinocchio: O.K. Don’t be annoyed.

ACT 2: The City

Narrator: Pinocchio went happily at the school. He wanted to meet beautiful girls and funny boys in his school. Suddenly, he heard a little voice. He steps to hear carefully. A bug appears between the trees.

Talking Cricket: Cri, cri, cri, cri.

Pinocchio: Who is callingme?

Talking Cricket: I am.

Pinocchio: So, who are you?

Talking Cricket: I’m the Talking Cricket. I’ve living under Geppetto’s bed for more than fifty years. The Fairy Godmother said me I going to be your conscience. I’ll help you to you aren’t going to wrong way.

Pinocchio: O.K. But, don’t speak when I meet some friends, you got it?

Rosa: (She appears) Hello handsome boy! What’s yourname?

Pinocchio: Hi. I’m Pinocchio. What’s your name?

Rosa: I’m Rosa. Where are you going?

Pinocchio: I’m going to the school.

Rosa: But the school is boring! And you don’t look like a bored boy. You look very cool. I know a club just for students. Come with me. In this club there is a ‘Dance championship’. The best couple dancing wins a hundred dollars. If we dance together, we couldwin and share money fifty-fifty.

Talking Cricket: Pinocchio! Don’t pay her attention! She wants used you to win, and then she’ll keep all the money and run away.

Pinocchio: Shut up, cricket! O.K. Let’s go.

ACT 3: The Club

Narrator: Rosa and Pinocchio danced in the club. They won the competition and then they occupied a table full of beer. Rosa didn’t drink too much, because we wantedPinocchio was drunk and take all the money they won.

Rosa: Pinocchio, you’re an awesome dancer! Your woody legs are perfect to dance salsa. You’re my boy!

Pinocchio: Thanks Rosa. Now, I think it’s time to distribute money.

Rosa: Oh, yes. Of course. Let me go to the bathroom and when I come back we distribute the money, you got it?

Pinocchio: Perfect! I’m staying here

Narrator: One...
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