The adventures of tom sawyer

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Tom and his friends
Tom! Tom! where are you?
no answer
where is that boy? when i find him, i'm going to...
aunt polly looked out into the garden.
she heard something behind her. A smallboy ran past,but aunt polly put out her hand and stopped
ah, there you are! and what's that in your pocket?
nothing, aunt polly.
tom came out of his house with a brush and a big pot of white paintin his hand. He looked at the fence; it was three metres high and thisty metres long. He put his brush i the paint and painted some of the fence. He did it again then he stopped and looked at thefence, put down his brush and sat down: there were hours of work in front of him and he was the unhappiest boy in the village.
after ten mitnutes tom had an idea, a wonderful idea.he took up the brushagain and began work.he sat his friend joe harper in the street, but he didn't look at him. joe had an apple in his hand. he came up to tom and looked at the fence.
I am sorry, timtom said nothingthepaint brush moved up and down.working for your aunt? said joe. i'm going down to the river. i'm sorry you can't come with me.tom put down his brush. you call this work? he said.painting a fence? saidjoe. of course it 's workperhaps it is and perhaps it isn't. but i like it , said tom. i can go to the river any day .i can't paint a fence very often
joe watched tom for about five minutes. tompainted very slowly and carefully. he often stopped, moved back from the fence and looked at his work with a smile. joe began to get very interested, and said:
tom can i paint a little?
tom thought fora second. i'm sorry, joe. you see, my aunt wants me to do it because i'm good at painting.
my brother sid wanted to paint, too, but she said no.'
'oh, please, tom, just a little. i'm good atpainting, too. hey, do you want some of my apple?
'no, joe, i can't
'ok, you can have all my apple!'
tom gave joe the brush. he did not smile, but for the first time that day he was a very happy boy....
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