The grim adventures of billy

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The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
HI classmates today I have brought a TV show that has called my attention over some time. I've been watching it since 2002. This TVshow features the adventures of a couple of children: Billy and Mandy, who cheated death betting the soul of a dying hamster. Grim lost a bet and he is condemned to befriends with them for the eternity. He is Billy, She is Mandy, and he is Mr Snuggles. In this part they made the bet, he is grim, and at the Limbo he lost in the limbogame, because the hamster bit him.
In my favorite episode is a parody of the famous character Harry Potter. In this episode Billy and Mandy have been a Toadblatt’s schoolof sorcery and they try to win a house championship.
Grim is a professor in this episode meanwhile Billy and Mandy entry to the house Weaselthorpe. In which is HarryPotter as well as in this episode his name is Nigel Planter but Harry Potter is recognizable.
Mandy has been planning sabotage against the other houses and Nigel Planter isleft with all the credit, causing injury at the end of the episode.
At the end of this episode Mandy asked to Nigel how to he sabotage to Toadblatt, and Nigel said thathe messed up their invisibility potion, and then put a dragon in his house, and he made out whit his dog.
My favorite character is Billy, He is a child with a largenose, red cap, and he is always completely stupid and he has problems whit concentrating. His idiocy always gets him and his friends, but sometimes this also saves them.Although the TV show has been discontinued, they should produce new episodes because the series is very popular among the youth and it is still shown on private channels.
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