The birds

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Reader’s response: Did you find the story exciting and suspenseful? Why or why not?

A: It was suspensefulbecause it was a mystery the birds’ attacks.

Thematic focus: Name at least 2 suspenseful situations from nature that you had either seen or heard about.

A: The earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan,the hurricane Katrina in the United States, the floods in the south of the Atlántico.

Question for research: Research birds behavior. Begin with one of this questions or one of your own. How dodifferent types of birds behave? How do people get information about bird behavior?

A: - Birds in cold climates usually have a breeding season once a year in the spring. Migratory birds can have twosprings and two mating seasons in a year. So can birds that live in hot climates.
* Watching them the most, taking notes about theiractions day by day.



1. Why are birds so destructive?
A: Because of their reaction to the change from autumn to winter.

2. How do the successiveannouncements on the BBC help create a sense of suspense?

A: Because with the announcement, it shows the seriousness of the problem.

3. At a certain point, the BBC is no longer broadcasting. What does thisimply about conditions in the cities of England?

A: That the situation is so bad that the people can’t work as before.

4. In the end, will Nat and his family survive the attacks? Why or whynot?

A: If they take the necessary safety measures they could survive.

5. What makes the birds suddenly attack people and try to kill them?

A: The change of the temperature from autumn towinter.


6. Do you think that an animal population could suddenly turn against people? Why?

A: Yes, because of their defenses reactions.


7. Do you think the inconclusive...
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