The black eyed peas

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  • Publicado : 4 de octubre de 2010
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Gilberto Gomez Cendejas
July 21, 2010.
1st Paper

The Black Eyed Peas

The black eyed peas is a group formed in The United States and is integrated by Taboo,, Apple and Fergie, theyformed in 1995 but was until 2003 that Fergie joined the band. They are very popular in México, So much that the Mexican youth love their music and enjoys dancing it in the night clubs.

The group’simage is pretty cool, they're always showing off new styles, Fergie is the attractive image of the group she is beautiful and she has a great body, is the only American guy of the group heis African American and Producer/Writer of all the songs, Apple is from the Philippines, he is the least important person of the group to me because he is relaxed, finally Taboo, He is Mexican, he wasborn in Morelia Michoacán and he's so cool, in every concert in Mexico he wears a Mexican outfit, he is so proud of México.

Since Fergie joined the group all their albums have been hits, the firstone was Elephunk, some hits singles from this album were “Where is the love” “Shut up” and "let’s get it started”, the next album to follow was “Monkey business” and their last album is “The E.N.D”that means “The energy never ends”.

The first time I became aware of them was when I heard the song “Where is the love” I really liked the song and after that I bought their first album and I likedall of their songs. The black eyed peas have been in México 3 times but I have only gone to see them two times because the last event was a Pepsi’s concert and I couldn’t get tickets. I went to seethem in 2005 at the “Palacio de los Deportes” in México City and the other last time was in “Parque Alameda Poniente Santa fe” that concert was a big event, there were a lot of groups playing, but Ididn't really like them, just The Black eyed peas, they were the Headlining group in that music festival.

I like their music and their styles and I am not the only one because they have broken a lot...
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