The chase essay

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After reading and reviewing Annie Dillard’s The Chase, I consider her form of expression, narrative, a very interesting and unique way to transmit her experiences, ideas and feelings.I like her style because it is method for the readers to feel as they we Awilda Rivera Marrero October 27 at 4:18am
The Chase Essay by Annie Dillard

In Annie Dillard's "The Chase" she starts bydetailing how she participated in sports in her neiborhood. She insists that no girl activities could compare to the thrill and excitement that she got of playing boys sports. In the wintertime therewere not any sports that they could play, so they threw snowballs. On one morning doing their everyday winter ritual of throwing snowballs at cars they did not know it then but they had met theirmatch. After hitting a man's car with snowballs they got into the chase of their lives. The man chasing them was not any ordinary adult that would just run for a block to scare the kids and then stop. Hewas determined for what the kids did not know and were not trying to find out. The man was persistent making every move the kids made, until he finally caught them. Annie Dillard was excited about theman catching her when any other kid would have been scared. The man just talked to them for a little while then let them go. Annie Dillard after claimed that if the man had cut their heads off rightthen, she would have died happy.

Some may think that Annie Dillard was over exaggerating. I am not one of those people, because I too know and understand the thrill of the chase. Some get anadrenaline rush as an adult by skydiving, bungee jumping or, maybe just to capture that same rush that they obtained as a child. This narrative captured the readers attention because of its drama andsuspense, and detailed and play-by-play action, that's why I liked this narrative alot.

The way Annie Dillard keeps the reader on their feet always guessing is amazing. Through the entire chase she had...
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