The chorus

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uyuyuyuyuyuyuyueggie feels sorry for him but she can't allow him to lie in court. When Gronke appears, Mark is even more petrified. He is beingthreatened by him with a knife not to tell anyone what he knows because his mother and his brother will then get into trouble.

He is being put in prison,because he doesn't want to talk and like this he is being protected at the same time. When after a few days he still doesn't want to talk in court infront of Judge Roosevelt he is brought back to his cell. He manages to escape and get into contact with Reggie. He tells her to drive to New Orleans. Oncehaving arrived there they go to Clifford's house. When they are hiding in the grass they see light in the garage. Mark walks to it and through a windowhe sees that it is Barry the Blade who is digging up the body. Reggie gets an idea, and she throws a stone through the next door's window causing thealarm to go off. When everything is silent again they enter the garage and they find the senator's body in a plastic bag.

Once being back again inMemphis, Mark and his family are waiting for the FBI jet to arrive which will take them to another place, now that they have accepted the Witness ProtectionProgramme. Ricky will be treated in another hospital and the family will be protected. Mark and Reggie are both sad because they know that they willnever see each other again.

As all three of them leave on the plane, Reggie tells the FBI everything what she knows and what she has seen.

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