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Activities from the book

Chapters 1-3

Before you read
• Check these words in your dictionary.
Choose the best word to complete these sentences:
The murder trial was reported in all the newspapers.
The police had evidence that the woman was driving the car.
She trusts her best friend with the secret.
They took herfingerprints off the door handle.
She was a very good lawyer, so her clients were happy to pay her a lot of money.

• Now check these words:
Tail pipe
Trailer: a house on wheels.
Crawl: a way of moving on your stomach so people won’t see you.
Grab: a way of taking something from another person quickly and rudely.
Tail pipe: part of a car. It is at the back and it takes gasaway from the car engine.

After you read
• Answer these questions:
How does Romey try to kill himself? Romey put one part of a tub into the tail pipe of his car and the other part throw a window, he got into the car, he closed the windows and start the engine, and try to kill himself with the smoke of the tale pipe.
Where is the body of the senator? In Romey’s garage.
Who is Barry Muldano?Barry is a member of the Mafia and his lawyer was Romey. He put the body of the senator in Romey’s house and wanted to kill him because he knows all about the crime.

Chapters 4-6

After you read
• Answer these questions.
Why is Gill Teal talking to the man in the wheelchair? Gil Teal want to convince the man in the wheelchair to becomes his lawyer. The man in the wheelchair had an accidentand broke his legs, but isn’t his fault.
What do the FBI tell Foltrigg about Mark? He tells that Mark is lying. Because he tells all he know and all he saw but he don’t tell nothing about the die.
How does Mark find Reggie? Mark found a target in the hospital bar and he saved it. Later before going to the FBI department to have an interrogation he went to the visit Reggie Love to ask if shewants to be his lawyer.

Chapters 7-9

Before you read
• Check the word rights in you dictionary.
Put the words interviewed/police/ rights in the spaces in this sentence:
In the most countries, people have certain Right when they are Interviwed by the Police.

After you read
• Answer these questions:
What does Mark tell Reggie about his family? He tell about his father left his mother, hehas got one brother Ricky(he is in the hospital).
What does Mark tell Reggie about Romey? Mark sad everything exept the conversation with Romey and the localisation of the body.
What doesn’t Mark tell Reggie? What romey had sad about the body.

• Why doesn’t Dianne go to talk to the FBI with Mark? The mother can’t go to the interrogation because Ricky wake up and he need a well-known person toher side.

• What does Reggie do to stop the FBI’s questions? Reggie tells Mark that if he feel presionate or if he feel that the police don’t respect his rights, he only ask for go to the toilet.

• Who does Barry Muldano go to for help? He goes for help to Uncle Jhonny

• Whose idea is it to send Gronke to Memphis? The person who had the idea is Uncle Jhoony

Chapters 10-13

After youread
• Answer the questions:
What does Gronke do to Mark? Gronke tryed to frigt Mark. He advertise Mark that if Mark would told somting to the FBI he will kill all his family and his lawyer. Later gronke burned the trailer house.

What does Reggie think the FBI will try to do? She thinks that the police want Mark speaks.
What do you know about Reggie’s family? She is alone he had been lefthis husband and his husband took her children.
How does Mark know they were followed to Momma Love’s house?
What is a witness protection programme? Its a program that protects the witnesses of his victims. They can declare without running risk.

Chapters 14-17

After you read
• Answer these questions:
How does Mark escape from prison? He makes see that he feel ill, and when he is in the...
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