The count of monte cristo analisys

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Movie: The Count of Monte Cristo

1. Title: The title is related with the story because Monte Cristo is the name of the islandwhere Dantes found the treasure. Then he decides to revenge and he needs another identity or name, it’s when he decides to name himself The Count of Monte Cristo.

2 Setting: It takes placearound 1815-1832, in Marseille, located at the west coast in France, Also the setting is developed on Cheteau d’IF prison where Dantes passed 14 years of his life, and Paris.

3. Characters:a. Edmond Dantes: he was a courageous, intelligent and love sailor who is love with Mercedes, but he turned himself bitter and vengeful after he was framed for a crime he didn’t commit on an unfairlyway. He spent 14 years of his life in prison, and when he escaped he punished and vindictive those responsible for the traitor. He was the protagonist and The Count of Monte Cristo.

b. FernandMondego: he was Dantes friend and rival for Mercedes’s love. Mondego helped in framing Dantes for treason and while Dantes was in prison he married Mercedes. He became a wealthy banker and powerfulman and took on the name of the Count de Morcerf. He was one of the Dantes victims.

c. Mercedes: She was Dantes’s fiancee. She was good and beautiful, who suffered the lie and injustice fromothers. Mercedes married Fernand Mondego, while Dantes is in prison, but she never stops loving Dantes. Dantes rewarded her enduring love and underlying goodness.

d. Abbe Faria: He was a priestand an intellectual man who Dantes met on prison. Abbe became Dante’s hero and his educational guide. During many years as prisoners, he taught Dantes to read, write, mathematics, economics,philosophy and prepared him to be a gentleman. He revealed Dantes where to find the treasure from Monte Cristo Island.

e. Gerard Villafort: The who was usually a fair man, but blindly ambitious public...