The effects of violence on tv

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The effects of Violence on TV

Many people believe that television violence has a negative effect on society because it promotes violence, whether in children, adolescents and elderly. It would not hurt to say that people with certain mental health problems who are violent are more dangerous than people who do not have any mental disorder. It is for these and other reasons, which I totallyagree that TV violence has no positive effect to the society.

Early studies on the possible deleterious effect of television on human aggressive behavior originate in the United States in the mid-twentieth century. If you review all the studies done since then to date on audiences, we see time and again that most television viewers considered that television can cause harmful effects. One afteranother, the studies claiming the same conclusion: the media have too much violence in its content, but by no means lower levels of TV viewing.

The audiovisual media, specifically television, are disturbingly violent. According to the Center for the Study of Violence in Spain, a way to learn a behavior is observations. Therefore, the violence displayed by the media contributes to the occurrenceof adverse effects on viewers. Especially in children, as they watch TV to get ideas, learn about good and bad and to feel in order to spend time in a pleasant and entertaining. The problem is that if the TV meets these tasks, programs with violent content can perform these functions. Research in this area suggest that these programs can influence the notion that the child is reality andsecondly, can give the child ideas and lessons sometimes erroneous when, for example, violence is acceptable and how to use.

This means that in addition to controlling the schedule of their children to watch TV, you must also monitor the programs they watch. Because television provides effects on child's emotional impact on their interests, motivations and their comprehensive training. The lessviolence sees the child, will have less violence and insensitivity to use aggression as a response to any conflict situation. As an example, a child in school has problems with some of their peers, rather than avoids, begins to remember that you saw on television that if a person lifts and drops to the ground can hurt and proceed with this action and assaulted his partner. Other times they doharmlessly playing that mimic what they see on television.

After the stage of the children come adolescence, this is the stage of life between 10 and 19 years of age, according to the definition of the World Health Organization. During this stage in their lives, there are a lot of physical, psychological and social standard, leading to positive and productive integration into society, someadolescents adopt hostile and violent behaviors are manifested in several ways that concern society. At the same time are targets of violence from other adults. These behaviors have several causes some of them: family domestic violence, violence in the community and especially the television that offers a product of daily consumption, the most varied forms of psychological, physical, sexual or thirdparties and their properties.

One of the tasks of adolescence is to develop a sense of continuity and historical context. So this means that television is not the appropriate tool to promote the intellectual development that produces thoughtful adult. Teens should and need to know to be part of the continuing human process, this is one of the reasons why teenagers like to watch movies andtelevision programs that deal with careers, relationships and social problems it helps them not to isolate. Well you can say that television does not provide teens with the experience that could help them to develop their thought processes and feel that they are in a rational world. Parents, who instill teens to think carefully shaping the thinking and waiting to take similar or better way, encourage...
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