The effects of shoping adiction

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The Effects of Shopping Addiction

Some people are what they call “shopaholics”. Shopaholics are people who live shopping and that they are sick and addicted. This sickness leads people to wasteall their money in clothes, accessories, shoes etc. Because of these compulsive shopping people go into Bankruptcy and they can’t pay the bills of needs or their expenses. These people sometimes noticethat they have let’s call it a condition and some people don’t. Compulsive shopping, is an spending addiction like gambling or drug or alcohol addiction. And as with other addictions, this one candrive you and everyone else crazy. When a shopper has money they’ll fill up their carts with just about anything. They think that their purchases will make them happy, but they’re just compensating ofsomething else that’s missing in their lives.
Compulsive shopping ultimately leads to worse problems than the ones from which the person is seeking relief. Worse, the compulsive shopper's behaviorputs her family's in grave jeopardy. Their credit cards are often maxed out, and they often have debt collectors looking for them. They sneak purchases into the home or lie about how much something cost.Society doesn’t help that much because every country or state has malls, shopping catalogs, mobile shopping etc. And these can increase the shopping addiction that people have. Even if people stay athome, they can buy from the famous internet shopping or mobile shopping and they don’t even need to go to a mall or store. This people usually stay in the computer buying things all day and night butthere many cases that they don’t pay what they buy and when they notice that they can’t pay the bills, they look for family or friends so they can borrow money.

The ways we have to stopping thecompulsive shopping is to seek a professional help to stop compulsive shopping, finding a therapist who can help you figure out why you shop till you drop. Work with your therapist to develop other...
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