The european union future

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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2011
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The history of the European Union.
The European Union (EU) is a political community constituted law regime sui generis international organization, created to encourage and accommodate theintegration and joint governance of the peoples and States of Europe.
Its origins date back to the period after World War II, including the founding in 1951 of the European Coal and Steel Community in Paris,after the "Schuman declaration", and the Treaties of Rome, establishing the Economic Community Europe and the European Community. Both agencies are now part of the European Union, which was formedunder that name in 1992.

From the years 1960, Brussels has become the de facto capital of the EU, which has led to the creation of so-called European Quarter of this city.

The First World War andits disastrous consequences marked the beginning of the cooperation process and, later, integration of the future European Union. The conflict would be the settlement of the will to create anenvironment in which they were not potential military conflicts within the continent. In this way, it would emerge in this period that the first initiatives, which had a private character.
It consists oftwenty-seven European states, and their union was established by the entry into force of the Treaty on European Union (TEU), the November 1, in 1993.
If at first the superstructure "European Union" andwas based on the three existing European Communities (ECSC, Euratom and EEC / EC) under the complex system known as the "three pillars" (the EU Euratom ECSC-EC-plus CFSP, more police and judicialcooperation) with the entry into force on 1 December 2009, the Treaty of Lisbon, the European Union succeeded completely THE EC (With certain peculiarities in the case of Euratom, which survives in somerespects) and took with it its unique personality as a subject of law international.

The European Union has developed a legal and political system, the European community, unique in the world...