The evolution of the human brain

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The evoluTion of The human Brain
Center for Human evolution proCeedings of worksHop 5
marCH 19-20, 2005

123 105th Ave SE • Bellevue, Washington USA

The Evolution of the Human Brain Center for Human Evolution Proceedings of Workshop 5 © 2006 Foundation For the Future Foundation For the Future, Publisher 123 105th Avenue SE Bellevue, WA USA 98004 Tel: 425-451-1333 Fax: ISBN 0-9742786-7-X 1. Evolution – Human 2. Human Brain 3. Human species – futurology I. Title. The comments and deliberations of all participants are deemed very important by the Foundation For the Future. While every attempt has been made to preserve the accuracy of dialogue in the workshop sessions, it is impossible to guarantee that no errors or omissions were made in thecourse of transcribing and editing the live-session tape recordings. All participants were afforded the opportunity prior to publication to review and amend their comments recorded in this document. The Foundation advocates no causes or positions. Its goal in publishing the proceedings of the workshop is to encourage human minds to ponder issues that may shape humanity’s future. A printed copy of thispublication is available at cost from the Foundation For the Future. Contact the Foundation for details. Printed in the United States of America


Walter Kistler

Bob Citron

Executive Director

Sesh Velamoor Donna Hines

April 2006

Deputy Director, Programs Deputy Director, Administration

Board of Advisors

Dr. William Calvin Dr. Eric Chaisson

Dear Readers: Making a science of human beings is a touchy matter in our society today and, as a result, we do not adequately understand what drives the human mind. The brain has basically two parts: the cortex, which is largely a reservoir of knowledge, and the limbic system, which controls emotions, drives, and motivations. The more we can study and come to understand both parts of thebrain, the better equipped we will be going forward into the future of the species. The Foundation For the Future was established with the mission to increase and diffuse knowledge concerning the long-term future of humanity, and the Center for Human Evolution focuses that mission on evolution, an arena of vast application. In March 2005, the Center for Human Evolution brought together eightnoted scholars to offer their research and perspectives on the evolution of the human brain. I am pleased to present to you the proceedings from that workshop. This book is a record of the papers presented, the questions and answers engaged as a result of the papers, and the scholars’ views on emerging knowledge of the brain and its implications for the long-term future. I hope you will enjoy readingthe comments of prominent scholars on these challenging and important issues. Sincerely,

University of Washington

Dr. Clement C.P. Chang
Tamkang University

Joseph Coates

Consulting Futurist, Inc.

Dr. Ricardo Diez-Hochleitner
Club of Rome

Dr. Brian Fagan

University of California Santa Barbara

Barbara Marx Hubbard Dr. Donald Johanson Dr. Michio Kaku

Foundation forConscious Evolution Institute of Human Origins City University of New York

Graham Molitor

Public Policy Forecasting, Inc.

Dr. Robert Muller
University for Peace

Advisors Emeriti

Dr. George Bugliarello
Polytechnic University

Dr. Christian de Duve

Institute of Cellular Pathology

Dr. Edward O. Wilson
Harvard University

Co-operating Organizations

ParisInstitute for Alternative Futures
Alexandria, VA Seattle, WA

Pacific Science Center World Future Society
Washington, DC

Walter Kistler President and Benefactor

World Futures Studies Federation

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