The fall of the house of usher

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Daiana Lopez De Vincenzi - Essay

The fall of the House of Usher builds a sense of fear since the beginning of the story, where the writer uses descriptions to picture a gothic mansion and to setup terror and fear in the situation.
When the visitor arrived the house, sees this depressing image of the outside and feels disturbed immediately. After entering the dark house, the narrator metRoderick, a character who is scary itself. Here Poe starts implanting fear with Roderick and his life´s story: His sickly appearance is something that increases this sense of a haunted house. Roderickhad a mysterious illness and was overwhelmed by the fear he was feeling since some ages ago. One of his fears was death, and the narrator believes his fears are directly linked to the house. This manand his sister, Madeline, were twins and the last of descendants of the Usher family. For a long time, Madeline had been fighting a sickness. This was something that had influenced in her brothercondition. Roderick explained that horrible things would happen to him if he left this place. These superstitions are part of something beyond the real, and cause of why Roderick hasn’t left the house inages.
Fear increases along character´s fear increased. When Lady Madeline died and was placed into the vault, Roderick concern and insanity became more evident. At the same time, the narrator isstarting to feel his own fear, because he cannot totally understand the complexity of Roderick new condition, which terrified him.
The last scene of the story is the one that has more terror andtension. First of all, the darkness and stormy night is the setting of the fear itself. The narrator is reading passages of a story about madness; and the exact noises this story describes were comingfrom the vault; and in this moment, both characters were passed in fear. Each step Madeline took toward the room increased terror in both characters and reader. And at the end, when she appeared, it...
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