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The most expensive car crash in history
In Japan, several cars including Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Mercedes Benz were involved in an accident chain.
Source: Univision
VIDEO The mostexpensive accident in history - Univision
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TOKYO - A convoy of luxury sports cars ended in a costly and surprising pileup in Japan wereinvolved eight Ferrari, a Lamborghini and two Mercedes-Benz, which together reach a value equivalent to four million dollars.

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The luxury cars were together and led a group of racingenthusiasts making their way to Hiroshima.

Police believe the accident happened on Sunday when the driver came from one of the Ferraris tried to change lanes and struck the median of the highway. Thisvehicle spun in the width of the road and other vehicles collided trying to avoid it.

A video broadcast of NTV, a major national television network, showed several dazzling red Ferraris, but badlydamaged by the collision, while blocking the highway.

A Ferrari used in Japan can reach a price of $ 250 thousand or more, which would mean that the total damages could reach at least $ 4 million.Police would not comment on the total damage but said some of the vehicles were repaired.

The driver of a vehicle with a crane that came to clear the scene told NTV that he had never seena crash scene so expensive.

No one was seriously injured in the accident, but police Yamaguchi prefecture said 10 people were treated for bruises and cuts. In total 14 vehicles collided.

El accidenteautomovilístico más caro de la historia
En Japón, varios autos incluyendo Ferraris, Lamborghinis y Mercedes Benz se vieron envueltos en un accidente en cadena.
Fuente: Univision
VIDEO El accidentemás caro de la historia - Univision
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