The international community should let iran develop its nuclear energy program without pressures

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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2011
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The international community should let Iran develop its nuclear energy program without pressures

Actually, Iran affront a big diplomatic crisis caused byits intentions of begin and structure a nuclear energy program. The problem is the international community, more specifically, the UN Security Council that wants to prevent that Iran develop nuclearenergy for the risk that this country could build nuclear weapons, however the Iranian nuclear program begin en 1950 [1] with the help of the USA, but after the revolution in 1979 the program wasstopped. Now the actual government of Iran wants to restart that program, looking to increase the energy production, supporter on the international right that it have to start that kind of programs andassuring that its program will be only pacific. But the world, led by USA, has been penalized Iran for its intentions [2].
Iran needs alternative forms to generate energy owing to the fact that itsprincipal form to generate this is based on gas as fuel [3]. Iran has the second reserve of gas [4], and the third of oil [5] in the world, then get the fuel is not the problem. The real problem is thatits power plants are not enough to supply the energy demand of the country, and these plants based on gas are not very efficient[6] so build more of this kind of plant do not solve the problem. Theimport of electric energy of Iran increases 40% last year and its demand has grown rapidly[7], Iran needs to restructure its energy production with coal or nuclear energy to afford it sell its gas andoil to other countries, so the more economical and environmentally way to do this, is with nuclear energy.
Iran has the right to start its nuclear energy program, based on the Nuclear NonProliferation Treaty (NPT), in this treaty, signed by most countries of the world, tell that all countries have authorization for developing nuclear energy if that program is pacific only [8]. In this way 29...
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