The knight's tale

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  • Publicado : 6 de febrero de 2012
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NAME: Beltrán López Sofía Viridiana

• William ( principal)
• Sir Edtor
• Wat
• Roland
• Chaucer
• Jocelyn• Kate
• Adheman the Anjou
•  Edward, the Prince
The movie told us the history about William, a young man who wants to be aknight and join a jousting tournament but he can’t, because he was an employee of Sir Edtor.
In the first part of the history Sir Edtor died in the middle of a tournament and before a match, that is thereason why William decided to fight for although he had no chance of winning he won the tournament and the money. He was very happy and hungry too, but this reason made him think about his success andhow much money he could earn, if he uses the money in his training for the next tournament, he told the idea to his friends; they were not very happy with the idea but later accepted.For a month,William trains with the help of Roland and Wat to improve his balance and aim. After a many tries failed; he was ready to compete.
In his travel they met Chaucer the person who was going to help him togive his patents of nobility with the name of Sir Ulrich von Liechtenstein" from Gelderland, he being to win match after match, he last match in this jousting tournament he was going to fight againstSir Adhemar the Anjou, unfortunately he lost in this tournament but here was the place where he will meet the woman who is going to steal his heart, Jocelyn.After the match, in the night all theparticipants are going to have a party to celebrate the end of the tournament.
Then he had a lot of matches, where in all he was the winner, had one special match versus Sir Thomas Collville, but histrue identity was Edward the prince, being william the only person who fight with him.
William and his team traveled to London for the world championship, where his only thought was beat Adhemar and...