The little prince

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*The Little prince
The beginning of the story is when a kid was six years old and he saw a picture in a book about the primeval forest. It was a picture of a boa eating an animal. Then he drew hisfirst drawing it was like a hat but the drawing was a boa eating an elephant. He showing his drawing to the grown-ups and all of them said that he should leave the drawing and it is better to takeinterest in geography and history and grammar. And he decided to fly planes. In all of his life he has always been in contact with serious people and has improved his opinion of them. He lived like thisfor a long time and when he breakdown in Sahara desert he made a difficult repair because he only had water for eight days. The first day he was slept on the sand. In the morning someone told him thathe will draw a lamb. When he got up he saw a little boy his look like it was like a prince then he told with him. Then the child drew the picture of the boa it was the unique that he knew how to do.The prince told him that the boa is so dangerous for his town. He prefer a lamb. the Child drew a lamb but the drawing it is like to was sick and the child drew others lambs. In the end the child drewa cardboard box. The child was so confused but he guessed that he was the little prince. Each other were talking for a long time. The child known other thing that the prince`s planet it is morebigger than a house. How the child known geography he believed that the planet where the prince came was the asteroid B612. This asteroid has been seen only once with the telescope in 1909 by a Turkishastronomer. The author of this story said that he had wanted start something like this “It was once a prince who lived in a planet not more bigger than him and had need a friend” For those whounderstand life, it would have seemed more real. The prince and the child were talking more about the lamb. In the prince's planet was a terrible seed like a seeds of the baobab. The soil of the planet is...
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