The meaning of clothing

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The Meaning Of Clothing
The man who was emceeing the event is an executive with one of the large banks. I held out my hand to shake his.“Nice to meet you,” I said. “I’m so jealous,” he replied as he shook my hand. “I have to wear a suit and tie. I’d be much happier wearingwhat you’re wearing. I have to wear a suit and tie every day, but I’m much more myself in what you’re wearing,” he said.

I’d never thoughtthat my clothing would be the topic of conversation, especially with a corporate executive. But it got me thinking about how we use ormisuse what we wear to set expectations. 

What Your Appearance Says About You
It's said that the clothes make the man. But it’s probablymore accurate to say the clothes reflect the man. What we choose to wear says something about us. If we wear what we want to wear, we’retelling the world something about ourselves. When we dress up for the occasion or to impress someone, we’re not really giving an honestportrayal of ourselves; we’re dressing for the other person. This is the same as saying what we think others want to hear instead of saying whatwe actually believe. As soon as someone sees us, they will form a first impression of who we are based simply on how we’re dressed. Thisimpression is important because it will often set expectations. It makes sense, then, that we should work to set the proper expectations.
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