The media

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The Media

When we talk about the Media, we have to define what exactly this word is. The Media refers to public communication. It comes from alot of years ago and it means something created by humans, it goes with the development of society throughout years and they realize how importantis to keep in touch with every one from different places and time.
Newspapers, magazines, television, radio, internet are some of the public waysof communication.

There are different ways to communicate with others; many of these Medias create things to be heard but not always with thesame intention. They’re capable of getting to our minds to be influenced by things they’re saying. Each program and commercial has differentintention and some news might be bias.

It’s always true what they say to us? It could be for specific reasons and it isn’t always in a good way. Wehave to be open-minded and think things through because they have a huge influence on our thoughts.

We can’t say that Media has been good or bad,but we have to regard the fact that it’s a good way to know what’s going on all over the word.

Recently, Internet has been growing so quicklythat makes a huge influence on Media. The Internet is used to look up information, to download music, chat with friends and many other things.
Can wesay it’s a way to socialize with other people? Some believe it isn’t but despite that it’s a fact that everybody uses internet to meet people.
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