The most iconic smartphone of modern history

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  • Publicado : 7 de marzo de 2012
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Ramon Toro

ENG 101
22 Jan 2012
The Most Iconic Smartphone of Modern History
Who does not know the company Apple and its products? And who does not know the most anticipated phone for all theseyears? Yes, we are talking about of the iPhone 4s; the most amazing Smartphone ever been created. It has its fans who love it and others that hate it. It is a story of love and hate that surroundsthis device created by this company called Apple.
Just how they did with the iPhone 3G and then the 3Gs, Apple has chosen to improve their current model to keep in contention until the next generation,which itself is expected to be more different. If you look at and read below about the iPhone 4S, this new iPhone improves key aspects such as the processor, camera, new iOS 5 and the personalassistant called Siri. Fans around the world were expecting new model called the “iPhone 5” would arrive in June 2011. Instead of the iPhone 5, Apple decides to introduce a better version of the iPhone 4called iPhone 4s. It brought disappointment to its fans especially when this model did not come with the current 4G signal. Other thing that brought disappointment of its fans was the design, almostidentical to its predecessor. Snell states that:
Many people won't be upgrading to the iPhone 4S from the iPhone 4,
due to those pesky two-year phone contracts cell carriers insiston. iPhone 3GS users will see an even larger speed increase: “The 4S scored 2.3 times as high on the Geek Bench testing app, and loaded a test webpage more than 3 times as fast”. (26.28).
Thecompany did not choose to make significant changes like they did when they upgrade the iPhone 3GS to a better technology like the iPhone 4. This new device brings huge improvements which include: bettercamera with a better sensor, dual-core processor which delivers more speed and Siri; the iPhone 4S’ featured product. Siri is an integrated program that allows the user to interact with the phone....
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