The namesake chapter 3

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I’m really upset because I don’t know the origin of my name. I feel so uncomfortable because Gogol is not an American name and either an Indiname. My dad told me that he is lame because he had an accident playing soccer. I don’t really trust him, I think he is lying to me, but fornow I will think that is the truth.
Today is my 14th Birthday, and this is a good opportunity for my parents to do a party. All my friends areinvited. Every kid in my birthday is younger than me. I received a lot of gifts but I didn’t like them. My dad gave me a book called “The ShortStories of Nikolai Gogol” all I did was thank my “Baba” for the book but I really wish that my dad had given me other book like “TheHitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. I’m not that much interested in Nikolai Gogol books.
We are going to Calcutta, India. I’m not really excited aboutthis because we are staying here for about eight months. I really don’t like this culture and it makes me feel really awkward. I want to go backto US I really miss my friends.
We are back in US. In my English class we are reading a book from Nikolai Gogol. I’m so embarrassed becausenow I know that Nikolai had a squalid life. Well this weekend I’m staying home alone so I decided to go to a party with some friends. The partywas really good I met a girl, her name is Kim and I can’t explain this feeling. This is the first time I have kissed a girl. I think I love her.
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