The narrow path

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  • Publicado : 14 de enero de 2011
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Kofi was born in 1927,on a fisherman village known as Tegbi. It was on the coast of Ghana. His father ,Nani, was a teacher in the village´s Roman Catholic school and his mother,Edzi, used to work before he was born.
When Kofi was six ,his father became headmaster of the school.he was a good teacher ,his students were well behaved and worked hard. The reason was -the cane!Any student who did something bad at his class was beaten severely.
Nani and Edzi often quarrelled about money. There was never enough and one day, his mother decided to make some money of her own.She started to cook food and sell it to schoolchildren .Edzi did well at her business.
Some years later, his father was asked to move to Ho. It was a town far away from the sea. The reason why he waschosen was because he have shown his students the narrow path they must follow ,and he had made his soon a good example of that.
He was not pleased , his wife was doing well and she might not be ableto do this at Ho.
A little after they moved to Ho ,the school year began. Kofi found difficult to find friends ,none spoke to him because they thought it was as rude as his father , he slowly beganto make friends. In the house they lived ,there was an empty store beside the road which was use by his mother to open a shop and make some money.
When he was nine , he became very sick. At that timemost people believed in witches , if something bad happened in the village the people blamed a witch. His parents asked for help from a witch-doctors. He had to take a bad-tasting black powder andhis body was rubbed with palm oil, he began to get better .
After the decease his father saw that Kofi had changed . He was starting to made trouble at school and Nani decided to move up into hisclass.
The days passed and the work in class went on well. Kofi was often punished by his Father in front of the class to warm the others to behave well.
One day After school ,his mother had cooked...