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  • Publicado : 5 de junio de 2011
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The nutritional needs of the young people meet influenced by the acceleration of the growth that is given in the puberty.
In this age of the lifethere exists the risk that there is suffered deficiency of some nutrients, as the iron and the calcium.

The young people are specially liable tosuffering anemia for deficiency of iron, for that is important to consume food like lean meats, fish, the vegetables of green color. The dried fruitsand the cereals enriched with iron.

99 % of the reservations of calcium of the body is concentrate in the bones and, during theacceleration of the growth in the adolescence, for that is important to consume several shares of lacteal, as milk, yogurt and cheese.

Food habits:
There arestudies that demonstrate that the breakfast has a vital importance to provide the energy and the necessary nutrients after the night fasting, and thatcontributes to a major concentration and performance in the school.

I believe that the food recovers it makes us have betterhealth, but I think also that little snack food does not damage.
In my opinion it is very important to eat I recover in this age and always,but the snack food is much more pleasant.
I think that to eat healthily is very important, because the vegetables and fruits deliver us vitaminsthat the snack food does not deliver.
I believe that the snack food is very delicious, but it does badly, so I try to eat heathly.