The old man and the sea

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  • Publicado : 6 de diciembre de 2010
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The Old Man and the Sea
By Ernest Hemingway
The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, talkedabout an octogenarian Cuban fisherman named Santiago and his close friendship with Manolín, a boy who was his apprentice before and who was forced to leave him because of his bad luck in fishing. Oneday he decides to go fishing and as you paddle, the old remembers his bad days, but consoles him thinking that his big fish must be somewhere, which will help solve their problems and regain hishonor. While waiting for this event come to mind many of its positive and negative memories, just then the big fish had arrived and Santiago had to concentrate too much to take home, in this part of thereal battle between the old, the sea and his fish would begin and would not be easy due to the advanced age of Santiago.
Finally the old man could not carry the fish to achieve due to factors such asaging and the sharks devoured much of the fish, but ultimately took the satisfaction of being the champion again one day left.
This work emphasizes the relationship between perseverance and hope ofa person and how many times the self-confidence and patience but not the line gives us the ability to have the wisdom to understand things and to act effective, all these things are reflected in theold because they always seemed optimistic and knew that someday he would return to the fate that had left him and therefore should go ahead and wait for the opportunity that would provide thedestination.
Also shows how respect for others, can make big changes regardless of social class and relationships between them. A clear example would be the friendship between the young and old, and how theboy, values the experience, wisdom and advice from Santiago who based the years has learned the noble art of fishing.
On the other hand it also speaks of the motivation, which was the main engine...
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