“The old man and the sea” helps me to strengthen my goals

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  • Publicado : 2 de diciembre de 2010
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“The Old Man and the Sea” helps me to strengthen my goals

After reading Ernest Hemingway’s story "The Old man and the Sea," I was greatly touched by this detailed story of how a simple, poor andold fisherman is used to teach a lesson to the reader. However, after researching the topic, I found that there had been no literary discussion, just a monologue. I was shocked to find this out, and Ibelieve this is an interesting and important story that compares to our own lives.
The Old Man and the Sea is a very interesting story that challenges us to fight to the end, no matter the size ofthe problem. The most important thing is to try to keep it under control. An old saying in my country says: '”There is no evil that lasts a hundred years, nor a body to resist it”. "This seems to bethe motto of Santiago. He was working day after day, and not to be overcome, and this is a great teaching.
Santiago is a master craftsman. He is only dependent on himself, while the other fishermenuse motorboats. While the other men have many workers and helpers to hold several lines, Santiago has three lines all operated by his own hands. He is an expert as the book says, "the old man goes muchfarther out than the other fishermen and casts bait in much deeper water". Although he is taking a greater risk by going out deeper, he has a better chance of catching the bigger fish. Like Santiago,many people in the world are doing the same. Santiago is like me and my families when we decided leave our country, navigating in waters more distant and deep trying to find a bigger fish. Anotherthing that makes Santiago a master craftsman is his experience. He has been a fisherman a great part of his life. I can compare to Santiago with the life of my husband and me. He never lets down hisguard and he fights with consistent strength.
Although we have never caught fish, we always have fishing opportunities. Therefore he has had much time to master his art, as we try doing in our...