The person that i admire

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  • Publicado : 1 de diciembre de 2011
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Álvaro Peña Garrucho


The person that I admire

She is a very special person for me. When I talk to her, I feel happy, she is a very happy person, even when you are sad, shemakes you smile. Her personality is extraordinary and she is very funny. She is medium heigh tall, her eyes are transparent and full of light, you can know what she are thinking just looking at hereyes. She has a little and round head.

She feels a big love for animals and if she could, she would take in all of them at her home. The best is that we are close friends since we met each other.She looks like sensual but if you meet her you can realize that she is not superficial. She shows her friendship without taking care from how the other person is.

Her hair is amazing, it is thoughthow it cannot get unkempt if he does not use fixing gel or hairspray, it is very roughly but it is very manegeable. She usually wears tight trousers, but not too tight, strange T-shirts and sometimesheadscarf

She is a strong mind, she does not allow to be beaten, she could be in problems but she knows how to face them. She is loyal with the people that she loves

She has a snub nose whatmakes her look like her favourite animal, the pig. She has an estrange obsession with pigs. She collects each figure the she finds in form of pig. She has a tender look but she sometimes looks like anaughty child what makes you touching and happy

She has a medium size lips but delineate. From them, the best words you can hear go out. Her words make you up when you are down. If you are sad, theymake you happy and if you are worried, they make you forget all your problems.

She plays the bass and sing in a band. She also compose some of the songs that her band plays. This has made herpopular between her friends and all of them go to all concerts which they plays. The kind of music that her bad plays is rock.

She has some shortcomings which are forgotten by all her virtues. She is...
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