The picture of dorian gray

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The Picture of Dorian Gray
By: Oscar Wilde


The picture of Dorian Gray is about love, revenge, death and especially about the pursuit of eternal youth.

Oscar Wilde takes us to the Victorian epoch in London, England. He shows how the society gives us a false stereotype of beauty and youth, and how obsess a person can be with this two attributes.

The novel begins when BasilHallward, a well-known artist, that was completing his first portrait of Dorian Gray. He admits to his friend Lord Henry Wotton that he is disappointed because it reveals too much of his feelings for Dorian. But Lord Henry disagrees and said that the portrait is Basil’s masterpiece. Dorian arrives to the studio and Basil introduces him to Lord Henry, but he fears that Lord Henry will have adamaging influence on the young Dorian.

Basil’s fears were right, before the end of their first conversation Lord Henry gives Dorian a speech about the importance of beauty and youth. Dorian, worried about that his beauty and youth will disappear, curses his portrait, which he believe one day will remind him what he have lost. In a wave of desperation, he gives his soul in exchange for eternal beautyand youth, if only the years reflect in the portrait instead of himself.

Over the next weeks Lord Henry’s influence grows stronger, Dorian’s lifestyle change completely, because now, his only purpose is to live a life dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure.
Then he felt in love with Sibyl Vane, a young actress who performs in a theater of London’s poor area. He adores her acting. She refers toDorian as “Prince Charming” and she refuses the warnings of his brother, James Vane, that Dorian is not good for her. Confused about his emotions to Dorian, Sibyl decides that she cannot longer act, because she cannot pretend to love on stage now that she has experienced the real thing. Dorian, who loves Sibyl because of her ability to act, cruelly breaks his relationship with her.

Afterthat, he returns to his home and he realizes that his face on Basil’s portrait has change, and that all his sins will remain in the portrait. Afraid, he decides to apologies to Sibyl the next day. In the afternoon Lord Henry brings the news that Sibyl has killed herself. Dorian did not give much importance to her death, and considers as an “artistic dead”. Then Dorian hides his portrait in a remoteroom of his house, where no one other than he can watch his transformation.

Lord Henry gives Dorian a book that describes the wicked ideas and actions of a nineteenth-century Frenchman, it’s becomes Dorian’s bible as he falls even deeper into a life of sin and corruption. He dedicated himself to search new experiences and sensations without thinking in morality or the consequences of his actions.Eighteen years has passed, Dorian’s reputation suffers in the polite society of London, because the rumors of his scandalous actions. Dorian did not give it much importance because he remains young and beautiful. But his painting has suffered the sins and selfish actions of eighteen years, and it reflects how really his soul was, rot, old and hideous.

On a dark, foggy night, Basil Hallwardarrives at Dorian’s home, to talk about the rumors and his reputation. Eventually Dorian offers Basil to take a look at his portrait. When Basil watch the painting he horrifies, and beg Dorian to repent of his actions. But was too late and in a fit of anger Dorian kills Basil.

To get rid of the body Dorian blackmails a doctor he known. The night after the murder, Dorian went to an opium den,where he found James Vane, who tried to
revenge Sibyl death. Dorian escaped to his country house where he made a party, and he noticed that James Vanes was following him. The next day, in a middle of the hunt James was “accidentally” shoot and killed. Dorian felt save again.

Dorian could not bear the guilt of all his sins. In fury attack and in attempt to amend his crimes, he tried to...
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