Analisis en inglés "the picture of dorian gray"

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1) Identify all the characters that appear in the text
Dorian Gray
Lord Henry Wotton
Basil Hallward
Sybil Vane
James Vane
Alan Campbell

2) Classify them
Protagonist: Dorian Gray
Minor Character: Lord Henry wotton
Dynamic character: Basil Hallward, Sybil Vane
Static character: James Vane, Alan Campbell.

3) Describe them (Physically and psychologically)
Dorian Gray: Protagonist ofthe text, Young, greedy, handsome, intelligent, blue eyes and golden curly hair, thinks that beauty is the most important in life
Lord Henry Wotton: Basil Friend, superficial, materialistic, hates women, cynical, bohemian, perverse, immoral, intelligent, thinks that beauty is the most important in life
Static characters:
Basil Hallward: painter makes a portrait of Dorian Gray, conceited,intelligent, strong, good person.
Sybil Vane: young girl, very beautiful, actress, love dorian gray.
James Vane: Sybil Vane’s Brother, vengeful, protective, hardworking, lower class of society.
Alan Campbell: Young, intelligent, scientific, likes the music

4) Mention their values and states what values the author seems to promote
There are many message; is that of eternal youth, which isimpossible, but some yearn for, this will bring many consequences as Dorian, losing the feelings and commit atrocities, what we should do is to enjoy all of our adolescence and youth , live to the fullest and not be obsessed by it.

5) Explain how the characters are related to the protagonist
In the start of text, the characters feel admiration for the beautiful of Dorian Gray, but often that the textmoves, the characters feel fear and the people told about the terrible Dorian Gray, they told a very bad stories about him, he was very beautiful but very bad too. Because the years passed but not Dorian Gray

6) Mention and describe the setting of the story making reference to the historical aspects of that time.
The play takes place in England, in the city of London, century to XIX

7)States what type of conflict is shown and support your answer
Man against Society, because the text is mostly about social class, beauty and intelligence of the people. And Man against Himself, because Dorian Fight your fears.

8) Refers to the plot making and outline of the main events
Flashback because Sometimes remember that have occurred at another time. But the history was present mostly.➢ Basil painting a portrait of young Dorian Gray
➢ Lord Henry saw a very beautiful portrait; basil said him that is Dorian Gray.
➢ Lord Henry and basil went on the house, Dorian Gray was here. They become friends.
➢ Basil finished his work, Dorian about the portrait, and he said “ I wish that i Could always stay young and the picture Could grow old”.
➢ Dorian said him that he was inlove o fan actress, Sybil Vane.
➢ Dorian is very cruel with Sybil he said her that he lovelees her by his art.
➢ Dorian see his portrait and he was changed yet
➢ Sybil vane was dead, she killed herself
➢ The time passed but did not Dorian Gray’s Face
➢ Basil visited to Dorian Gray and see the portrait and Dorian didn’t want that. Dorian killed Basil.
➢ Dorian is haunted for SybilVane’s Brother, he wanted revenge.
➢ Dorian thought in the deaths of James vane, Basil and Sybil Vane.
➢ He saw picture and he picked up the knife and dug in to the picture.
➢ The portrait of the young Dorian Gray in all his wonderful Routh and beauty
➢ Lying on the floor was a dead man; whit a knife in his heart, his face was old, only the rings on his fingers told them who he was.9) Summarize the text including and orientation, complication and resolution
A young named Dorian Gray is painted was Basil. Lord henry best friend of Basil saw the portrait. Lord Henry asked to basil about the painted and basil said him that is Dorian Gray. Basil and Lord Henry going when Dorian Gray, was interested in lord henry. Lord Henry talked to Dorian about the youth...