The rabbit and the turtle.

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  • Publicado : 21 de febrero de 2011
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This is the story of the rabbit named Richie and the turtle Tina, this history is very known, nobody saved to hear it o read it.

Richie and Tina are good friends, in fact, they are best friends,one day Richie wakes up in a bad mood, he doesn’t like anything and he isn’t nice to anyone.
He says awful things to Tina. What good are you? He asks Tina. You can’t run fast, and I can! You are soslow
Tina feels terrible, because Richie is her best friend, but he isn’t best to her.

Richie says to Tina you can’t jump, but l cant.

Now Tina isn’t sad. She is mad she is very hungry.
OkRichie. Enough! She thinks

Tina says to Richie you are right, l walk slowly and l can’t jump. But l have a good idea. Let’s have a race, then you can see who is fast and who is slow.
Richie it wassurprised.

Tina says to Richie don’t you want race me? Or… Are you afraid?

Richie is falls to laughs.

Tina is angry and say it to him: Ok Richie you can laugh, but l am going to race you, and lgoing to win.

Richie says -I can jump but you can’t- finally Richie says ok, they’re need a judge so search him in the wood and found a Freddie Fox. Tina and Richie talk to Freddie, Tina saysRichie and I want have a race; Freddie is still surprised but finally says ok, I will be the judge. I will count one two three and I will drop my little white handkerchief.

Richie run and jump very fastand very high and Tina walks slowly. Richie stops and looks behind him. Were is Tina. He can’t see her now. Richie says herself, I don’t to run now. Tina is walking very slowly she is behind Richiebut she don’t stop. She walks and walks…

She walks quietly past Richie. He doesn’t hear her because he is sleeping.

Suddenly Richie wakes up -where am l? He asks.

He looks around and remembera race whit his best friend Tina but… Where is she? He looks behind him, but she isn’t there. He listens carefully, and hears Tina. He looks toward the finish line and there she is! She is near the...
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