The role of error

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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2012
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Joel Guzman Del Villar
Module 1
TKT Course

The Role Of Error
First of all the role of error focuses on mistakes learners make when they speak or write in English. When learners make mistakes theyare often divided into slips and errors. Slips are the result of tiredness, worry or other temporary emotions or circumstances. Errors happen when learners cannot correct errors themselves becausethey don’t understand what is wrong.

Second of all every language learner makes mistakes. Learners of a second language tend to make lots of mistakes because they are starting to learn something new intheir lives. So when these mistakes are taking place and the teacher knows about it, the teacher has to take that responsibility of correcting the learner and letting the learner know about themistake they just made. Mistakes need to be corrected at the time they happen, for example if the mistakes affect communication. If the learners are working or doing an activity that involves talking orlearning new words and they make mistakes while they are working the teacher should correct the learner and give them advice on how to improve and be better with the language that is being taught. Theycan also be corrected differently depending if the activity is on accuracy or fluency. Correcting mistakes the second they are made has the advantage of not having to bring the activity to a stop, asis the case with a correction slot. Students often appreciate instant correction.

Third of all the difference between accuracy and fluency are very different from each other. What do we mean byaccuracy and fluency? Activities that focus on accuracy try to get students to say something correctly (correct grammar, correct word form). Activities that focus on fluency try to get students tocommunicate successfully, even if they make some mistakes. Both are equally important for language learning and language use. Accuracy certainly helps students communicate, and they may need a high level of...
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