The role of the cio

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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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THE ROLE OF THE GOVERNMENT CIO: the case of the Federal
Attorneys Office CIO
Alberto Santiago Pineda
September 18, 2010

Santiago 1/3

Today Mexico is experiencing a hugeescalation of
violence that led President Calderón to declare allout war on organized crime with a high cost to the
country in both human lives and economic terms.
The role of the Federal Attorney Officein this war is
crucial given that this is the agency mandated to seek
justice and bring the criminals to the judges to
receive the punishment they deserve.
The first part of the Mexican CriminalProcedure is
the preliminary inquiry (AP by its Spanish acronym)
which seeks to conduct an investigation as accurate
and comprehensive as possible to confirm the corpus
delicti and the probableresponsibility of an
individual and secondly to protect the interests of
society mainly the prevention of crime and law
enforcement for those who commit crimes, the latter
meaning a guarantee oflegality. The Public Ministry
(MP by its Spanish acronym), as an institution in
good faith has the duty to perform functions on
behalf of society, such as the prosecution of crimes
through theexercise of penal action, as well as
ensuring the legality as a guiding principle of human
society .
The AP begins with the filing of the complaint or
grievance and is primarily the actions undertakenby
the MP:


To act as judicial police
In investigating the crime
Collecting evidence
Other elements to recognize those responsible

Due to the increasing number of preliminaryinquiries, it is necessary to use new technologies for
accurate and timely integration of these, since this
depends largely on the success or failure of the MP.
The role that the CIO must play inthis process is
crucial and must be addressed, rather than the
systematization of the administrative functions of
the agency - human resources, purchasing, finance,
etc. – in making available...
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