The role of advocate general

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2 The role of Advocate General

The Advocates General assist the Court. They are responsible for presenting, with complete impartiality and independence, an "opinion"in cases assigned to them.The event is held at a public hearing in front of the room and the Advocate General. The judges and the Attorney General may ask the parties questions they deem appropriate. Some weeks later, theAttorney General issued his opinion in the Court of Justice and once again in open court. He or she analyzes in detail the legal aspects of the case and with total independence to the Court suggests theanswer he or she considers to be given to the problem. This marks the end of oral proceedings. If it is decided that the case raises no new point of law, the Court may decide, after hearing theAdvocate General, to give decision without an opinion.

The Court of Justice shall be assisted by eight advocates-general. If the Court's request, the Council, acting unanimously, may increase the numberof general counsel, secretary and several assistants. They can also join three or five judges who shall act in some measures of education, as well as meet a number of categories of cases as specifiedby the Rules of Procedure. It is the Court itself that sets the responsibilities of each room, plus the assignment of judges to them.

In early 2007, the Court was composed of 27 judges and 8advocates general. At the request of the Board, the European Union Council, acting unanimously, increase the number of Advocates-General.

The attorneys general are elected by mutual agreement of thegovernments of member countries, giving them a renewable term of 6 years. Every 3 years there is a partial replacement of these members. Are selected from a group of legal experts whose independence isbeyond doubt. Must possess the skills required to join the highest court in their respective States, or have a widely recognized professional standing.

Judges, as general counsel shall be selected...
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