The taste of watermelon

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  • Publicado : 24 de junio de 2010
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In the short story “The Taste of Watermelon” written by Borden Deal, the author manages to show how the theft of a watermelon leads to the discovery of misunderstandings, resolution and restitutionin the narrator situation.

Firstly, the narrator found out that he had a wrong concept of Mr. Will’s. At the beginning, he thought he was a cruel and violent man, basing this theory on rumorsand speculations. These thoughts changed when the narrator stole the biggest watermelon that Mr. Will once possessed, because is there when he found out that the only reason this man was keeping aneye on it at all hours, was that he wanted to gave it to his wife, that was sick, and he actually talked to Mr. Will, and realize how gently and kind he actually was.

On the other hand, there is aresolution made by the narrator, and restitution in the situation in which he was. The fact of stealing something that means so much to Mr. Wills made the narrator make the decision of telling thetruth, an act that of course have consequences. When the truth was said, the man reacts in a calm way, and just asks one question: “Why did you steal it?”. From there, the conversation is basicallyconformed by questions from the man and answers from the narrator, in which the man confessed to have part of the fault, because, while the narrator stole the watermelon, Mr. Will destroy the otherones.
There is a restitution in this situation, when the narrator offers to plants the seed of the destroyed watermelon, the man agreed, and they even finished with a good relationship and acooperative mission on the future: Grow the watermelon.

In conclusion, the author is clearly wanting to show us how certain attitudes or actions can be made by impulse, which brings consequences thatsometimes are not positive; and in order to solve the situation, there are resolutions that, in this case, the narrator has to take, and the restitution that this resolution will finally achieve.
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