The tragedy of julius caesar

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I.-Explain why acts of violence lead to other acts of violence.

I think that the acts of violence lead to other acts of violence, because when you act in a violent way with someone, that someone answers you in the same way or more violent and then you think that it is not equal damage and you answer with more violence and this can turninto a chain.

In my own experience I had passed through that chain, because time ago in a normal school day I broke my companion’s (Sergio Hernandez) geography map and he react more violent than me and he broke the cover of my geography book, then I hit his arm in a violent way and after that he said that he won’t talk to me again. In here I can see that violence causes moreviolence turning this into a macabre chain.

I think that is better to don’t act with violence because things could really finish in tragedy or in a really bad way. And if someone acts violently against you is better to talk about the problem than answer with more violence.

Being based in this drama we can see that violence causes more violence by a chain of facts:The violence starts when Brutus and the conspiracy murdered Caesar, then with Anthony’s revenge the violence starts to increase until they want to kill all people.
But they are about the consequences of murdering Julius Caesar. In Act III, scene 2, lines 74 to 108 Anthony delivers a monologue to the plebeians in which he says he did not agree with the murder and made the crowd support himagainst Brutus.

II.-What do the four themes of the tragedy reveal about life.
The fourth themes in this drama are superstition, honor, sleeplessness, and suicide.

Superstition=It is part of our lives, all the people have superstition, ones more and ones less, but I really think that the superstition is the excuse of fool, dumb and ignorant people, I have anexample: they are 2 classmates one study a lot and the other student didn’t study, the teacher tell both classmates “good luck” in your exam. I have 2 questions:
-Do you think that the one who study needs luck?
-Do you think that luck really exist?
That’s why I think that superstition is an excuse of ignorant people.
By the other way I think that luck exist because Iknow some people that all the time are winning prices and raffles, and I know people that never won a price and all the time are having problems and losing things.
Superstitions exist because they are our believes but we can’t affirm that they work or they are correct because they aren’t verified scientifically.

Honor=In the “TRAGEDY OF JULIUS CAESAR” a clear example of honoris the great Brutus, and the contrast is Cassius a dishonorable man.
Cassius=He isn’t an honorable man because he manipulate people, and because he wants to murder Caesar and he didn’t have an honorable motive to murder him.
Brutus=He is an honorable man because he is honest he only tried to do the best for Rome’s people, he is trustworthy, you can be sure that he won’t betrayyou, he also die in a “honorable way” in act V, scene V when he committed a suicide for don’t dieing as a prisoner to his beloved Rome.

Suicide=In the story when Brutus suicide it was honorable because he prefers committing a suicide than being a prisoner of his beloved Rome. Nowadays it’s different for me I think that it is a coward escape from problems. That it is more common inadolescent people because they are defining they personality and they usually get in trouble and have problems that they think that they cant solve so they take an easy way and they take they lifes.

Sleeplessness=I think that this is when we deal with our conscience, when we do something wrong or we are worried about something, that don’t let us be calmed. Some times to such degree that we...
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