The tragedy of the commons

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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2010
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The tragedy of the commons

First put into the map by Garret Hardin The story of village where a pastor share the land where their sheep eat every day more sheep are added until the landdeteriorates and all sheep die. The result of this action is the destruction of both land and sheep.
From the story you can create theories to improve the situation so the final end does not become atragedy.
So its is a common idea if every body is benefited that a regulation of the land happens to stop the depletion of land.
Also it would be wise e to establish a predetermined number of sheep thateach farmer could have.
The other strategy would be to privatize the land so each farmer would better take of what he own an gaining a responsibility.
The story is basically what environmental problemwe are having in a nutshell.
But the problem grow to bigger scale for instance fishing in international water is not tariff by any body so basically all the boats are depleting the same zone wherefish live.
Other theme seem impossible to apply like the privatization of air or even water that are part of all individuals but that some neglect to protect.
The main objective of environmentalistis to balance the use of resource that the current means of production is using. And at the same time create what could be called sustainable development.

Environmental problems

Most of theproblems that are happening revolve around pollution and the depletion of resources.
The problematic with the topic is that there are some pollutants that cannot be taken out of the environment and theybasically destroy the land for decades. Other are resource that can be replace and sustained and we have other resources that simply cannot be replace or produce back as oil.
Among them we havedeforestation that implies the loose of trees that at the end of the day are our producers of oxygen.
Biodiversity witch refers to the numbers of plants and animals that are part of our habitat. The...
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