Theories of the state

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International Relations theories have attempted to understand the international interactions and the system itself. To achieve this, they have tried to understand how states work and which strategiesthey follow.
Richard Rosecrance talks about the relationships between states and societies, and how their identity change trough time. States have had two different strategies. Warring strategies,dominant in the 16th – 17th century, such strategies constituted the identity of the states. Trading strategies, mainly dominant in the 20th century, and create interdependence between states.
Sincestates are rational actors, identities tend to change according to their interests guided trough the costs and benefits they could obtain. The realization of international objectives dependsmeaningfully on domestic policies and economics.
Hendrick Spruyt talks about how interaction between states has changed based on a historical perspective. He argues that in feudal Europe there were no realborders, each feudal state had different kinds of measurement, coinage and laws. This intended fragmentism and, in order to be able to interact and trade between one another, they needed a morehomogenic system.
Sovereign states have an advantage because they have a homogenic system which makes it easier to organize and have control over the market, hence trade and interaction with otherstates is easier to achieve.
The ability of governments to pursue domestic economic policies effectively is influenced and constrained by developments in the international economy. The system, Waltzargues, is unintended yet inevitable and spontaneously generated outgrowth of activities by nation-states concerned fundamentally with their own survival.
Gilpin´s “Hegemonic Cycle Theory” is a realisttheory focused on power and its distribution. Power cycle is similar to the cycle of life, but power transition intends structure changes that will result in an alteration of the system.
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