Thinking and reasoning skills

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Thinking and reasoning skills
Marzano, R.J. (2000). Transforming Classroom Grading. Virginia: Association for supervision and curriculum development.
Page: 35
Identifying similarities,dissimilarities, and patterns

Problem solving


Decision making

Experimental enquiry


Thinking and reasoning skills for classroom use |
General Information ProcessingskillsIdentifying similarities, dissimilarities, and patterns 1. Comparing and contrasting 2. Analyzing relationships 3. ClassifyingLogic 4. Argumentation 5. Making inductions 6. MakingdeductionsKnowledge utilization skills 7. Experimenting inquiry 8. Investigation 9. Problem solving 10. Decision making |

Questions useful for assessing thinking and reasoning skills |Thinking and reasoning process | Related questions |
1. Comparing and contrasting | Do you want to determine how thing are similar or different? |
2. Analyzing relationships | Do you see arelationship or pattern that is central to the information? How would you describe that relationship or pattern? |
3. Classifying | Do you want to organize things into groups? Do you want to identify therules or characteristics that have been used to form groups? |
4. Argumentation | Is there a position you want to defend on a particular issue? Are there different perspectives on an issue thatyou want to explore? |
5. Making inductions | What conclusions can you make based on what has been observed? |
6. Making deductions | What rules or rules are operating in this situation?Based on these rules, what can be concluded?Are any rules not being followed in this situation? |
7. Experimenting inquiry | Is there a prediction you want to make and then test?Do you have a newtheory or idea that you want to explore? |
8. Investigation | Do you have a hypothesis about a past or future event that you want to explore? |
9. Problem solving | Do you want to describe...
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