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Barbarian Outfit Full

Ítems Requeridos

|Pic |Ítem |Cantidad |
|[pic] |Fighting Spirit |1 |
|[pic] |Warrior's Sweat |1 |
|[pic] |Red Piece Of Cloth |50 |
|[pic] |Green Piece Of Cloth|50 |
|[pic] |Spider Silks |100 |
|[pic] |Iron Ores |100 |
|[pic] |Huge Chunk Of Crude Iron |1 |
|[pic] |Perfect Behemoth Fangs |50 |
|[pic] |Lizard Leathers |50 |[pic]

Barbarian Outfit

El traje de Barbarian es uno de los basicos de las cuentas premium.

Barbarian Outfit Wig addon

Tipo: Quest de Addon

Nivel requerido: 0

Localización: Carlin

Premium: Si

Recompensa: Barbarian Outfit Wig addon

Duración: Larga (> 2 Horas)

Ítems Requeridos

|Pic |Ítem|Cantidad |
|[pic] |Fighting Spirit |1 |
|[pic] |Warrior's Sweat |1 |
|[pic] |Red Piece Of Cloth |50 |
|[pic] |Green Piece Of Cloth |50 |
|[pic] |Spider Silks |100 |Guía de Quest

Addon 1: Barbarian Wig

Para ahorrar tiempo debes recolectar los items necesarios antes de empezar el quest, necesitaras intercambiar 100 Giant Spider Silks por 10 Spider Silk Yarns en Mariana. Ve con Bron en este lugar al norte de Carlin y oeste de Northport, aqui:


Habla con el asi:

|You: Hi|
|Bron: Welcome to my humble hut, player. |
|You: Outfit |
|Bron: Yes, it's true - I am a barbarian. Me and my brother are the only ones in thisregion, as far as I know. |
|You: Violence |
|Bron: Convincing Ajax that it is not always necessary to use brute force... this would be such an achievement. Definitely a |
|hard task though. ...|
|Bron: Listen, I simply have to ask, maybe a stranger can influence him better than I can. Would you help me with my brother? |
|You: Yes |
|Bron: Really! That is such an incredibly nice offer! I already have a plan. You have to teach him thatsometimes words are |
|stronger than fists. ... |
|Bron: Maybe you can provoke him with something to get angry, like saying... 'MINE!' or something. But beware, I'm sure that he |
|will try to hit you. ...|
|Bron: Don't do this if you feel weak or ill. He will probably want to make you leave by using violence, but just stay strong |
|and refuse to give up. ... |
|Bron: If he should ask what else is necessary to make you leave, tell him to 'say please'. Afterwards, do leave and...
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