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Chapter 6, Section 1: Exploration and Expansion timeline & Section 2: The Atlantic Slave trade.
Date | Event |
Fourteenth Century | The Westerners were not able to travel to the East by landbecause the Ottoman Turks occupied their traveling region. The only way by which they could get there was by sea. Traffic of enslaved people had been practiced in Africa since these times. |
Mid1400´s | European Monarchies increased their power and wanted to gain territory. |
End of 1400´s | Europeans sailed out into the world in different directions, first Portugal and then Spain. |1488 | Bartolomeu Dias round the southern tip of Africa called The Cape of Good Hope. |
1492 | Convinced with the idea that the Earth was round, Christopher Columbus thought he could reach India bysailing west instead of bordering Africa. |
1494 | The Spanish and Portuguese had explored new lands. This two, feared that the other country’s would claim for territory also, so they created theTreaty of Tortesillas, which states that the Atlantic Ocean would be divided into two and the Eastern port would be controlled by Portugal while Spain would take control of the Western part. |
1498 |In May of this year, Vasco de Gama arrived to the port of Calicut. His trip to this place consisted of going around the Cape of Hope and crossing the Indian Ocean. |
1500 | Pedro Cabral landed inSouth America in this year.Plantations or large agricultural estates were established. |
1509 | Portuguese warships defeated Turkish and Indian Ships on the coast of India. |
1510 | Afonso deAlbuquerque set up a port at Goa at the western coast of India. |
1518 | The first enslaved people were transferred from Africa to America. |
1519 | Fernando Magellan was a Spanish explorer whofinanced his voyage to Asia. He sailed in September down the Coast of South America, looking for a new passage through America. Hernan Cortez landed at Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico.In November of that...